Saskatchewan Whitetail Deer Hunting

Lucky Lake Hunting Adventures is based out of the hamlet of Lucky Lake in central Saskatchewan where the population of Whitetail Deer is extremely high. It is not too far from where Milo Hansen's world record buck was harvested. Their hunting region covers Zone 24 in the Coteau Hills and Zone 14, where they concentrate their hunt along the river breaks and coulees along the South Saskatchewan River. These regions boast an unusually high number of 10 & 12 pointers. Not only do the Whitetail Bucks have thick muscular bodies to withstand the long brutal winters; their antlers are thick just like their bodies. Success rates are very high. Lucky Lake only has 287 people so when you are out in the hills or along the river you will feel you are frontier hunting like the first pioneers. Lucky Lake is also one of the top Waterfowl outfitters in Saskatchewan with many species of ducks and geese available.

Dahl Creek Outfitters is located north-east of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and close to the village of Hudson Bay, which is in a wilderness region known for having the biggest Whitetail Bucks on Earth. They are not too far from where Milo Hansen harvested his world record Whitetail Deer. Hunts take place along game trails in their exclusive 300 square mile hunting area, which consists of crown and private land. The majority of the whitetails that are harvested are between 140 and 160 B&C but each year a few bucks greatly exceed the 160 B&C. They offer an American Plan hunts with comfortable accommodations and delicious home cooked meals. They also have hunting packages for Spring Black Bear hunting.

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