Ontario Whitetail Deer Hunting Lodges

Harris Hill Resort is located between Rainy River & Morson on Lake of The Woods We have exceptional Whitetail Deer Hunting with abundant deer and many trophy Boone & Crockett Bucks in this low pressure hunting area here. All of our hunting stands are heated and are over baited sites on our exclusive hunting land. The success rate for Whitetail Deer Hunts at this camp has always been excellent. 2004 boasted an incredible 16 point Trophy Whitetail Buck harvested. 2005 Buck would have been a Boone & Crockett if he had not knocked off his tines while in velvet. 2006 harvested a Boone & Crockett 197 green score, 179 2/8 dry score. One 2006 15 point Buck harvested would also have been a Boone & Crockett Whitetail Buck if he had not lost his points while in velvet. 2010 harvested a 16 point non-typical with a B & C score of 183 2/8. Come join us for an incredible Whitetail Buck Hunt in Northwestern Ontario.

South River Resort is located just 3 hours north of Toronto, Ontario and close to the settlement of Nipissing in WMU 47. The camp is adjacent to a large wilderness area so the population of big game is high. Due to the extraordinary amount of Whitetail Deer in their region, which is home to the largest wild Whitetail Deer herd in Ontario, and the demand for quality Whitetail hunts, South River Resort hired the best Whitetail Buck hunting guides in the region. With the area's top Whitetail Deer hunting guides, guests can experience high success rates and experience a very enjoyable Whitetail Deer hunt at a reasonable price. Their licensed guides each have over 30 years of guiding experience and can bring you to where the big bucks are. Hunts are conducted on crown wilderness land and also on 200 acres of prime private land, which borders a vast wilderness region. Unguided hunts are also available. Residents with their own deer tags for WMU 47 are welcome to rent a cabin. To find a place with equal Whitetail Deer hunting opportunities you will have to drive 22 hours to northwestern Ontario. Whitetail Bucks in their area can get huge with big racks and thick muscular bodies. Whether you choose a guided or unguided package, you are sure to have a great time. Accommodations are comfortable and clean waterfront housekeeping cottages.

First Nation Guides is a family-owned boat-in wilderness lodge at the south-east shores of the Aulneau Peninsula within Lake Of The Woods. Guests are boated in from the Nestor Falls / Sioux Narrows area. The Aulneau Peninsula is the hottest location in Canada for big trophy Whitetail Deer. First Nation Guides has over 12,000 acres of private land to hunt on the Aulneau Peninsula and the success rates of their hunters are higher than any other location in Ontario. Their hunting area is so big it takes up two Wildlife Management Units, which are WMU 7A and WMU 7B. Whitetail Bucks average 250 pounds but many guests have taken bucks over 180 inch gross score. All Whitetail Deer hunts are guided and this area is designated as a Bow/Archery or Muzzleloader/Black Powder only zone when hunting Whitetails. Accommodations are in a large lakefront housekeeping cottage with all modern amenities. Interiors are tastefully decorated with newer furniture and tongue-&-grove pine throughout. They also have hunting for Black Bear, Wolf and Waterfowl.

Big North Lodge is a drive-in lodge at Minaki, 25 miles north of Kenora, Ontario. The deer in our area are very large-bodied & fast-growing. Bucks that score in the 140's are fairly common. The opportunity to take a much larger buck depends a lot on the skill and patience of the hunter, and LUCK. We hunt primarily from comfortable 2-man tree stands with lots of room for the hunter when waiting for that trophy buck. Our stand sites are extensively scouted and located within 3 miles of the lodge; you don't have to travel far for your buck. We limit our deer hunters to a maximum of 6 per week to provide you with the best opportunities of success. Our fully-guided trophy deer hunts can either be American Plan or Housekeeping Packages.

Rugby Lake Lodge is located north of Dryden and northeast of Vermilion Bay. The open grasslands and farms north of the Dryden region have become legendary for Whitetail Deer Hunting. Primarily Rugby Lake Lodge provide guided private-land hunts on 1500 acres of property exclusive to Rugby Lake Lodge, which consist of farmland, a mixture of previously logged brush and areas with standing timber. All of their hunts are fare-chase for wild bucks. They have both tree-stands and ground blinds available depending on the suitability of the location. Stands and blinds are strategically placed to ensure best direct line-of-sight of the target zone for your weapon of choice. They offer comfortable lakefront housekeeping accommodations. They also have hunting packages for Black Bear and Moose.

Whitetail Camp is located in a very remote region of Shoal Lake, which is part of the wilderness zone west of Lake Of The Woods. The closest civilization is the outpost settlement of Kejick, Ontario. The population of trophy Whitetail Bucks in their area is beyond belief. Tim and David have been guiding guests for most of their lives and now offer their Whitetail Deer hunting expertise to you. All you do is hunt and have fun and Whitetail Camp takes care of everything else.

Merkel's Camp is located on Wabigoon Lake between Dryden and Dinorwic and in heart of Ontario's best hunting. Their family built the lodge back in 1963 and continue to be the top hunting outfitter in the area. They have outstanding private land Whitetail Deer hunting with massive Whitetail Buck being harvested. Each year there are several Whitetail Bucks spotted and harvested, which are well above the 160 B&C score. Some are over the 200 B&C. The Whitetail Bucks taken are an average of 275 lbs field dressed and have some up to 380 lbs. Generally they are in the 300 plus range. Most of our hunters prefer fair chase hunts with 70% success. Baited stands are available if that is the hunter's choice. They have 5 housekeeping lakefront cottages and are not far from their hunting areas.

North Country Lodge is located an hour west of Dryden, Ontario and close to Vermilion Bay. Our area is world famous for having the best Moose, Black Bear and Whitetail Deer hunting (White Tailed Deer). Whitetails in our area have racks that rival world record class bucks including the famous Dryden Buck. Come join us on crystal-clear Canyon Lake for a hunting vacation of a lifetime.

Northwest Outfitters is a remote outpost lodge on Shoal Lake, which is attached to Lake Of The Woods. Northwest Outfitters have excellent hunting for big Trophy Whitetail Deer. They also have an outpost camp which produces the biggest White Tailed Deer in North America. Most big Whitetail Bucks harvested are over 200 pounds and some real big ones will go over 340 pounds. Northwestern Ontario's Whitetail Bucks are huge. A lot of our hunters get real good chances at 150-170+B.C. Don is one of the top Whitetail guides in Ontario and he stops at nothing to make sure your meals and accommodations are spectacular and you have the most exciting Whitetail Deer hunting trip ever. They offer both housekeeping and American Plan accommodations.

Crystal Beach Outfitters is located east of Atikokan Ontario and in the heart of some of the best Whitetail Deer hunting in Northwestern Ontario. Whitetails with thick heavy bodies along with huge racks are common in this area. The massive trophy bucks that have been coming out of Ontario in the last few years has whipped up a tornado of excitement among the North American deer hunting community. Atikokan is in the heart of it all.

Pine Sunset Lodge - Northwestern Ontario Whitetail Deer Hunting: The Dinorwic and Dryden areas have become legendary for Whitetail Deer Hunting. Deer hunters from all over North America have been taking notice of all the wild trophy bucks that have been harvested with a few that scored very close to the Hanson Buck. Not only is there a high population of Whitetail Deer; Whitetail Bucks in our area are very large with thick muscular bodies and big racks. All our hunts are in WMU 9A and WMU 8. We offer an unguided do-it-yourself hunt, which is basically just a cabin rental hunt. Our hunters report 95% sightings on nice bucks and 50% choose to harvest a buck to brag about. We also offer a full-service fully-guided hunt on private land. Hunters taking advantage of our private land hunts have enjoyed 100% success so far. We have had some really impressive bucks with many of them over 250 pounds dress weight. If you look at our photo gallery, you will see the bucks in our area have thick necks and nice racks.

Birch Dale Lodge is located on Eagle Lake, south of Waldhof and Vermilion Bay and just west of Dryden. They have outstanding hunting for Whitetail Deer and Black Bear. Their Whitetail Hunt takes place on either private land or public land. Their guests enjoy hunting the giant Whitetails that you can expect from the Dryden area. You can choose housekeeping plan or feel welcome to have meals in their Bull Pit Steak House where you can sink your teeth into the thickest steaks in Ontario.

Bonny Bay Camp is located in Dryden Ontario, which is the hottest Whitetail Deer hunting spot in Canada. Their extremely large hunting management area ensures their guests get an excellent chance at harvesting one of those giant Dryden bucks that everyone has been taking about. They have the pictures to prove it!! Note from Len: The Whitetail Bucks in our area are large bodied with heavy racks. The largest that we harvested last year weighed in at 275 lbs. dressed and the rack scored 176 B&C. Bucks harvested from our lodge using our 8 point beyond the ears rule have scored from 120 B&C to 176 B&C. In the area every year there are deer seen and harvested over 200 B&C.! Rifle, Archery and Black Powder hunters are all welcome. This is a semi-guided or unguided housekeeping deer hunt.

Seine River Outfitters is located near Atikokan Ontario, between Quetico Provincial Park and the White Otter Wilderness Preserve. They have great hunting for White Tailed Deer. They offer guided and hound hunts. All hunts are fare chaise for Wild Whitetail Bucks. They offer housekeeping log cabins and camping.

Quentin's Deer Hunting Tips

Indian Point Camp is located on Wabigoon Lake, which is just southwest of Dryden Ontario, and in the center of the best Whitetail Deer hunting in Canada. They offer both do-it-yourself hunts, which can be rifle or bow as well as organized and packaged archery Whitetail hunts on highly productive private land. Their success rate is close to 100%. Their guests harvest Whitetail Bucks over 175 B&C every year and a few every couple of years that are close to 185 B&C. Their scouts have sighted 200 B&C Whitetails but the bigger they are the harder they hide.

Carpenter Lake Cabins is located in the Algoma Highlands, which is 60 miles east of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. The population of Whitetail Deer in their area keeps growing yet not many hunters know about this productive area. The landscape consists of mature forest, which is dotted with small farms and open land. It's a perfect habitat for Whitetails to prosper and enjoyable for hunters to explore the many trails and animal paths.

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